Graphic Arts Show

Herbert made his grand debut in Delaware this month at the Newark Arts Alliance’s Graphic Arts Show.  It was juried by Captain Blue Hen Comics, a super cool comic store right next door to the alliance. He was sitting among some fantastic art, and felt terribly privileged to have been chosen.

Graphic Arts Show 2017

Here I am with him at the opening reception.  The blurb that went along with him went as follows:

Herbert, A Slightly Undignified Flamingo

Herbert was created using a crowquill dip pen and acrylic inks.  He was a test of patience ad fortitude, which ultimately paid off.  For here he is in all his slightly undignified glory. He has a story to tell, but has been quite tight beaked about it, deciding instead to shroud himself in mystery.  But fear not, Ms. LeCocq shall prize it from him… one of these days.

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