An Abstract Approach

Last night was the artist reception for the current show at the Newark Arts Alliance where hang two of my works.  I am pictured below with each of them photographed by the marvelous Mary Lowenstein-Anderson.

My statement for these works, Marrow to the left and Iterations to the right, was as follows:

Usually I will paint of draw on the paper, but I wanted to expand my thinking and give homage to the humble sheet of paper. For the works you see in this show, I was inspired to use paper as the medium, not just the substrate. Paper can be fragile when by itself, but incredibly strong when grouped with other paper, much like the human spirit. When working towards a common goal a group of people can create something breathtaking and beautiful. We each have a strength which can feed one another to make each of us stronger and more accepting of new ideas and points of view. That is what I hope you walk away with when viewing my works, a spirit that is open and playful and accepting of all the wonder that will come your way.

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