The 302

For one day only I was fortunate enough to take part in a pop up gallery called The 302 as the Delaware Contemporary on September 8th. You can see my panel third from the right on the Contemporary’s site on past shows here: .  But below you can see some close up views of the works I’d exhibited.

And of course I couldn’t get my printer to work, so I had to hand write my artist statement.  Luckily people seemed to think that was on purpose.

Artist Statement:

Fascinated and amazed by the natural world around me, I frequently make representations of nature. Sometimes it will be an honest botanical drawing, while other times it will be an abstract inspired by the picture of a cell. There is no end to the availability of inspiration around us. All we have to do is see it. Looking at the world with wonder and curiosity is essential in creating a sense of awe and discovery which is vital to my work.

For what you see here, inspiration struck in the form of wild flowers. Often they are uprooted from their native soil to be replaced by fashionable new botanical choices, I chose to highlight these hidden and overlooked gems scattered about us unnoticed and at times scorned. You see here botanical sketches of three wild flowers commonly known as the Dandelion, English Plantain, and Queen Anne’s Lace. These each convey elegance and a quiet dignity. I went further with my exploration of their shape and form, and in the gold frames you can see abstractions created in response to each wild flower.

Hopefully you walk away from here with a smile on your lips, and smile will return each time you encounter one of these graceful creatures as you come across them in the wide world outside. Thank you for the time and consideration you have spent seeing my work.

The 302 Instagram

They has a conglomeration of very large screens on one wall where they were posting Instagram posts tagged with the event.  I snapped a shot when mine rolled past, unfortunately there weren’t any people in front of the screen at the time give scale.  But it was crazy seeing something so small in such a gigantic format.

All in all, it was a really cool event.  I’m glad I participated, even though it was two weeks before I had feeling back in my finger after doing all that paper cut work.

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