Colors of Love

Colors of Love debuted at the 2019 Earth Day & Arbor Day Celebration as a partnership with the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary at Rodney Square in Wilmington Delaware. Since then the project has spread messages of positive thinking using the vehicle of free art partnering with the Rt. 9 Library and Innovation Center, Chris White Gallery, and the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary to present the installation from New Castle DE to Philadelphia. 

The project has utilized different display structures native to the venues to disperse the re-purposed paper slips. Each one has original art stamped on the front and one of twelve positive quotes on the back. Attendees are encouraged to take the one that speaks to them, read the quote, and keep it or pass it on to a friend – spreading good vibes and the assumption of positive intentions.

Colors of Love
From top left clockwise: Debut at Earth Day Festival – Wilmington DE, Peace Week – New Castle DE, Chris White Gallery – Wilmington DE, Delaware River Festival – Philadelphia PA, Mini Maker Faire – New Castle DE, Delaware Fun-A-Day – Hockessin DE

“The project was inspired by my motto, ‘I don’t have the right to complain about anything I have the power to change.’ I found myself complaining about how negative the attitude of the people around me were – so I decided to try and do something about it,” says creator Katherine J. LeCocq. She also mentions, “It has been amazing seeing different communities interact with the project. Nearly everyone who actually takes a moment to look at a Color of Love slip walks away with a smile. I’ve also seen strangers start conversations over their participation in the project. It is so easy to stay in our little silos and fester in negative thoughts. These little pieces of art are a reminder to treat ourselves and others well.

“Not to mention the environment.” LeCocq goes on to say, “I reuse paper that would normally be thrown out. It started with paint samples, which is where the name came from, but progressed on to using cereal boxes and playing cards. Really anything that looked interesting that could use a second life. An added message that we can be gracious and give each other the benefit of the doubt and a second chance.” 

The next scheduled Colors of Love installations will be at the Delaware Fun-A-Day reception, March 6th – 15th, 2020, at the Center for Creative Arts in Hockessin DE; and at the Earth Day & Arbor Day Celebration, (currently postponed – Date TBA), at the H.B. DuPont Park in Downtown Wilmington DE.


Peace Week Class
Stamp Carving Class for Peace Week 2019 – Photo Credit: Fallon McClain



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