Below are some murals and scenic paintings for theater I’ve done.  If you are interested in having me paint a mural in your home or business, feel free to contact me for rates and details at

Pennsauken Free Public Library in Pennsauken New Jersey

This was a tricky one.  The walls, as you can see, are made of cement blocks.  So I suggested we utilize the shape and texture inherently there and make it seem like a castle where each window was looking into another world and at different characters, just as each book is a window into another world.  And of course each of the characters were reading!  It is a library after all.

Private Residence in New Jersey


This was a very sweet 45th anniversary gift for this man’s wife.  She wanted more light in the dining room and originally wanted a window knocked in.  But the construction was out of their price range.  So they had me create the next best thing.

Theater Scenery

These each are 4ft. by 7ft. panels, just to give you some perspective on scale.